Z Plan: Red Tides: (Z Plan Book 2) - Mikhail Lerma

Disclaimer: I won this book in a competition.

I do love zombie fiction but I always rate the books on their merits, not all of the genre is great, but, saying that......

Excellent sequel! Cale's journey home continues, escaping one horrific situation and running into the unknown, fighting off the infected as he goes. He really mans up in this book, while still showing his emotional side. We also find out more about his wife, Lauren and what she is having to go through to survive.

They are both really good characters, easy to relate to and I could feel myself rooting for them at every hurdle.

There's the usual typo here and there, but absolutely no complaints about this book, I loved it and couldn't wait to start on the third book in the series. If I hadn't won these books I'd have bought them anyway because they are so hard to put down once you start reading