Alive! Not Dead! - R. M. Smith

This starts off kind of slow and then turns into a real gore fest, which is about the only thing it has going for it. It does have zombies but it's also about nuclear weapons and the world falling apart. 

There's a few bad guys but they seem to be glossed over, the book seems to concentrate its many pages on the travelling from place to place. It's unfortunate that we don't really get to know any of the characters properly, not even the main one, they don't tend to last long enough for that and, even when they do, there is nothing to endear us to them. The ending is a bit of a letdown too, it's very abrupt, with just a strange poem to tell us it's finished. 

Considering it has nearly 400 pages there are very few points with a lot going on and it has a real tendency to drag enough that I was happy to put it down for an hour, which was unexpected. It was only 99p but I expected more as I have read many free books that were better. It just goes to show that shoehorning everything into one book isn't always a good idea.I felt let down by this book, the plot seemed good but it didn't deliver where it needed to.

NOT a zombie novel I would be happy to recommend.